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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo FAQ's

Why should I pay for your service and not use a design app to do it myself?


Lots of reasons!

The main one being: only a professional human graphic designer can give you the proper logo files your business is going to need. Specifically, scalable vector versions of your logo which are created in Adobe Illustrator. These file types can not be obtained with any mobile design apps and they are required when having your logo printed onto certain items like windows, floors, vehicles, clothing, table cloths, banners, signage.

File types are important and they matter when it comes to having logo products made. We know the difference between JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, EPS, SVG and can advise you personally on where/where each file type should be used since they each have their own properties and purposes.

Another reason is the file resolution. For a good quality logo, you need a print resolution of at least 300dpi (dots per inch). Free mobile design apps will generally give you a low file resolution of only 96dpi as standard. This will give you poor printing results when it comes to having stationery and marketing materials made.

Paying a designer will save you a tonne of hassle when it comes to needing quick and personal advice with any logo issues you're having. Or if you need changes made to your logo for a specific purpose. We will have your job saved on file ready to amend as and when you instruct us to.

We can provide you with those handy watermark versions of your logo with the transparent background so it can be stamped anywhere on top of any background without the annoying white fill behind it.

We can give you  variations of your logo so it can fit into different places e.g. a stacked or shortened version to fit inside circular instances like stickers or profile pictures, and a linear version to fit along the bottom of letterheads or website footers.


How & when do i pay?​


I'll email you a booking invoice when we've agreed on my availability. You are booked in the diary as soon as this is paid. Standalone items are fully payable upfront. For the Logo Packages, i accept payment in two halves if this suits you better. 50% due to book, the remaining 50% is payable once we're both happy with all the final files.

How long does it take for me to receive my design files?​

Anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months.

It depends entirely on what item/package you've chosen, the complexities of your brief and most importantly - your decisiveness!

How does the process work?​

You enquire, you pay the booking invoice, i send you a brief to complete and return to me. I work on some ideas from your brief and gather your feedback from these. I refine things from there. We communicate ideas back and forward until everyone is happy! You then get your master files via email which you're free to use at your leisure as soon as all payments are cleared.

Who are your logo services best suited to?​

The majority of my clients are start ups and hobbyists needing an affordable but good quality logo package. Maybe you're a home baker, a dog walker, a joiner, an artist for example. I tend not to take on large scale, corporate projects who have thousands to spend on branding - I'm not there yet! If your brief sounds like something I might struggle with I will recommend local alternatives.

What software do you use?

Although i'm self taught, rest assured I use the same software and techniques as other professional Graphic Designers. (It's amazing what you can learn with a few years of tutorials, practicing and researching). I'll create your logo in  the Adobe creative suite, and provide you with exactly the same file types including high resolution raster and vector files.

I'm on a tiny budget - should I just use a free mobile design app?​

Don't do it!! These apps generally will give you a small, poor quality logo file which will go fuzzy and pixelate when you try to do anything with it. It will most likely have a solid white background to it as well which can be frustrating when trying to place it in website headers and flyers etc. You'll have no point of contact either when you're having trouble using your logo and need some quick advice.


I promise you, no matter how small your budget is - if you're serious about your small business - investing in a designer to create your logo files at the beginning is the best move you'll ever make. And i don't mean me, literally any professional designer - pay them! You will not regret it. It will save you so much time and hassle every time you need something made correctly with your logo on it. There is a lot more to logos than just a nice looking image. It's all about the file format, the file resolution, where each different file format should be used... we can advise you personally on all of this.


Please note the following:

  • We can take inspiration from, but can never directly copy, other logos that you show me when sending me your brief.​

  • Any design ideas you choose to reject before we agree on your final logo remain my intellectual property which i am free to use elements from in future projects.​

  • As explained above, since i am self taught, i may come across some challenges along the way if your brief is particularly complex, which i will always be transparent about - please just be patience with me as i learn.​

  • In most cases "Branding" is entirely different from a "Logo", which is why i have named my Logo services accordingly. Although i'd love to be, i don't claim to be an expert in branding. Branding is a much more extensive project which should encapsulate the whole ethos and personality of a business and its mission. I simply enjoy designing logos and have developed my practice in this area considerably over the last few years.

Stationery FAQ's

How long will it take until I receive my order?

My turnaround time is usually 10 working days (2 weeks) so order early. You’ll be updated personally if I foresee delays to the above in the unlikely event of courier/supply delays, or sickness. Add some time on to this is if it's not just a straight print job, i.e. if you also need me to design the items before printing and you're not giving me the art file print-ready. If I'm designing then printing it'll take a bit longer.


I’ve left it too late and I need my order ASAP can you rush it?


Unfortunately I don’t offer a rush or priority service. I would advise that you re-order your stationery at least 2 weeks before you think you’re going to run out. I can't let your emergency become my emergency.

Who designs the stationery, you or me?

It can be either! I charge a minimum of £25 on top of printing costs if you'd like me to custom design your stationery for you. If you already have your own logo and would like it incorporated into items like business cards, thank you postcards, posters, digital graphics just drop me an email* to When creating your items I'll try my best to font match and colour match from your branding provided to stay on theme. You'll get to see drafts of my ideas and have opportunities to tweak it until you're happy. I'll then arrange their printing once you're happy. You also get to keep your proofs as digital versions you're free to use these in future to source you're own printing elsewhere

. *see next FAQ for acceptable file formats when sending me your logo.

How should i send you my logo?


This is important! I accept the following file types: PSD, AI, PDF, PNG and JPEG (high resolution, minimum 300dpi, preferably 600dpi). Via email please, not via messenger or DM's. If you're unsure of the above I'm happy for you to send me what you have and I'll have a look, I'll advise if I foresee any issues. The main issue when your file types aren't right is blurry and poor printing quality, which we need to try and avoid. Even if you would be happy with poor quality stationery, it's not a good representation of my service, so I require your files to be high quality. I do not accept photos of drawn logos or screenshots.


I don’t have a logo – can you design me one?

Yes I’m always happy to have a go at logo design for you. Follow this link to see my logo services.


Can I collect my stationery to save on postage?

If you're local to TD1 Galashiels, or the EH10 / EH13 areas of Edinburgh, let me know and I'll provide you collection instructions.


Do you accept returns/cancellations/exchanges?

Returns or Exchanges - No returns or exchanges accepted for customised orders or digital designs. If your items arrive damaged in the post however, please send me clear photos of your damaged items within 24hours of receiving them and I’ll look into refunding appropriately or arranging free replacements.

Cancellations - You have 24 hours after placing your order to cancel at no cost, thereafter it depends on whether I’ve started your order or not. It’s considered on a case-by-case basis.


Is the stationery you outsource eco-friendly?

Yes. I only use eco-conscious suppliers and product ranges to outsource your stationery orders.

This choice is entirely yours however, you can instruct me to use a cheaper material with less or no eco credentials for example. I would fulfil it for you, it would destroy my soul but I'll do it.

General FAQ's

Do you do bespoke art commissions?

I used to do a lot of bespoke art prints, however, recently due to increased demand for other areas of my service I’m finding I have less capacity to book these in now. I’m still happy to consider these requests though as you may catch me during a quiet spell, they’re never off the table! Prices for bespoke artwork starts at minimum £50.

Do you have a physical premises?

No, I work remotely from my home in Edinburgh.

I'd like something I can't see on your website, can you help?

If my resources and expertise allow for it, sure! It's certainly worth asking me, I’m always happy to try new requests. I’m constantly developing and expanding my product ranges so by all means ask about a new item. I might even add it to the services as standard if we nail it!

I've seen something elsewhere that I like,

can you make me the same thing if I show you?


Whilst I’m happy to see your ideas, I cannot produce direct copies. We have to respect the work of the original creator. I'm happy to take inspiration from it and create you something unique, however. If you're looking for the exact same thing,  I will politely decline the job and advise you to approach the original seller.

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