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About Rascal Design

I'm Rach, 31, from the Scottish Borders and I'm addicted to designing! You may know me now from Rustic Rascal Papercraft, which I launched in 2018 when I made the scary decision to leave my full time, soul destroying job as a debt chaser and turn my hobby into a career, and thanks to people like you supporting my wee business, I've never looked back!

Some recent changes in my personal life have led me to running Rascal Design from Edinburgh now. I work remotely here, I no longer use the premises I had in Galashiels. I also work a second part-time job Tuesday to Friday; something to be mindful of if my communications and timeframes are delayed. My Rascal Design time is Mondays, evenings and weekends.


Over the years your continued support enabled me to keep growing my business baby, something I'll be forever grateful for. The focus going forward is to keep developing my graphic design skills and portfolio. I'm genuinely thankful for every single order I get, whether its for £10 or £1,000, because without each and every customer I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I love for a living.

Thanks for stopping by, you're an angel. Keep shopping small!



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